Youth Connections Magazine

The December issue of YC Magazine is here!
This issue includes articles about what it’s like
to be a high school senior, how students can
reset mid-year to reach their academic goals,
Developmental Assets: Empowerment and more.

Literacy Services

The Legacy Center turns the dream of being able to
read and understand language into a reality.
Through 3 core programs, The Legacy Center guides
many individuals in the direction of achieving their goals.

Developmental Assets

Developmental Assets are positive qualities that influence
young people's development, helping them become caring,
productive adults. The Developmental Assets framework has
proven to be an effective approach in positive youth development.

Volunteers Needed!

The Legacy Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities -
from one-day projects that are perfect for high school students
to longer-term efforts that change the lives of children, youth
and adults in the Midland area.

Midland Youth Survey

The Legacy Center has lead the Developmental Assets
effort in its home town of Midland for the past 11 years.
as a result, the average number of assets among our youth
population has increased from 19.9% to 21.9%.

Youth Development

Youth Services

We’re helping young people realize their full potential by instilling the tools they need for healthy, positive development.


Literacy Services

We’re helping people in our community realize their full potential through improved understanding and comprehension of English language, reading and math.


Consulting & Evaluation Services

We’re helping local nonprofits realize their full potential by helping them establish outcome goals and measurements and by evaluating their programs for effectiveness against those outcomes.

Community Alliance

Community Alliance

We’re helping young people realize their full potential by preventing their use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs.